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BenchOS: the final benchmark

Started by HSE, January 18, 2023, 12:57:42 PM

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Hi all!

Here a like-OS UEFI application is used.

This is an extreme method to remove several noises in benchmark.  :rolleyes:

This is yours opcodes and CPU, nothing else.

Any variance is related to variations in cpu frequency or in to acces to clock (I think,  :biggrin:).

Implementation of Paoloni method under Windows show unreliable result, but consistents (see Vars of Vars  :biggrin:):

Spurious =   2           [-]           Number of Spurious min. Values
MaxMaxDiff =  87028        [Tick]     Max. Spread of the Values
MeanVar =     1.924E+0005 [Tick^2]    Mean Variance
VarOfVars =    5.433E+0010 [Tick^4]  Variance of Variances
MinsMSE =     8.793E+0001 [Tick^2]    Linear Regression MSE
R2 =          9.995E-0001 [-]         Determination Coeficient
Overhead =   87.3244      [Tick]       Measurement Overhead
Measure =     15.0080     [Tick]       Code Execution Time

         (I changed this Jan 19, 2023 because results were for 50000 repetions instead of 10000, were better result but a lot more variance)

But true values for same machine are others (and are very close to what you obtain when running UEFI BootServices):

Equations in Assembly: SmplMath