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Playing with the Taskbar

Started by Biterider, January 05, 2024, 02:50:16 AM

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I needed to make a change to the taskbar tab of an application, and while searching for the code I realised that the taskbar interface has grown over time.
I did some testing with the new interface methods and put the code here as a reference if anyone needs it.

I started with a classic progress animation, followed by a flashing red dot in the bottom right corner of the tab. It blinks 5 times, then changes to green and finally disappears.
The ThumbBar button can be customised as shown in the attached screenshot.

It is important to note that the entire code must be executed in a new thread, otherwise the GUI will freeze.

You can find the code and the binary (64 bit) in the attachment.


PS: The code used for this demo application uses the ObjAsm framework only to host the functionality shown, which is completely based on the Windows API and can be easily ported to plain MASM.