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Started by Biterider, March 16, 2019, 08:05:19 PM

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Today I want to share a code called NetCom, which was developed a few years ago using ObjAsm32. Now I ported it to a bitness-independent code using the new ObjAsm model. It consists of a series of objects that implement a server and a client using Microsoft's crown jewel "IOCP". NetCom's client-server communication uses the connection-oriented paradigm (TCP).

The architecture follows the OSI model. The communication logic is implemented in an object called NetComProtocol. This object can be used to implement simple communication, image transfer, HTTP and other interesting things. Although this is not the right approach, streaming videos, with some precautions is also possible.

Finally, the source code can be assembled for ANSI or wide strings, 32 or 64 bits, IPv4 or IPv6, whichever suits you better.

I tested the performance and stability of the current implementation over several days without any problems. Scalability and smooth core distribution under Win7 and Win10 have also been proven.

Since some new translated header files are required, I need to update the ObjAsm download in the next few days. For interested parties, I can also share the NetCom sources.

In the attachment, you can find the binaries of the 64 bit ANSI IPv4 version of the simple client-server data transfer. Debug support is disabled.