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Browse The Old UK Forum
This is a complete copy of the last UK version of the MASM Forum hosted locally on the same server as the new forum. It is browsable but will not accept new members or allow posting to be made.

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Archive 1
This is the archive of attachments for the original PHPBB forum that was used until 2005. There is a substantial body of useful MASM code in the early archive that is very useful to programmers writing Windows API code in MASM.

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Archive 2
This is the archive of attachments from the UK based version of the MASM Forum from 2005 to 2012. Ther are over 6 thousand files in this archive, many of which are very useful for programmers writing Windows API code in MASM.

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Test Department Examples
Before "Test Department" retired he archived his complete collection of low level examples so that the Masm Forum could make them available to future members who could benefit from this coding style. These will appeal to the MASM programmer who prefers to code closer to bare mnemonics without the use of MASM's pseudo high level notation or the use of macros. As above the Test Department archive is protected by the copyright of content by the Masm Forum. NOTE that some AV scanners do not understand pre-Vista executables and will deliver false positives. The examples are entirely free of any infection.

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Programming the Windows 95 User Interface
With special thanks to Nancy Cluts, the original author of this work, permission has been obtained from Microsoft to make this example code available under the "MICROSOFT LIMITED PUBLIC LICENSE". The bulk of the examples are written in Microsoft C and translate reasonably easily into MASM notation. Windows operating systems have changed since Windows 95 but the examples are core Win32 code and the examples generally run correctly on later versions of Windows and the code is excellent reference for writing modern 32 bit Windows applications.

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