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Feedback on masm64 Version 2 Beta.

Started by hutch--, July 02, 2022, 04:34:46 PM

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Just downloaded the latest MASM64 SDK, with Windows 11 Pro (Windows Defender / Windows Security) and Google Chrome it warns about virus detected.
After getting Chrome to pass it thru, next the Windows Security alerts. After these, the file is not found anywhere, have to test Firefox. Else just try to download with a virtual machine or mac.

After a few tries, Windows Security automatically deletes the file after successfully downloading it and copying to drive C:\
Firefox lets me see file long enough to copy it to destination folder.

Last edit: After adding exclusion (Windows Security) to folder c:\masm64 I'm able to use SDK.



Keep trying, please, and share your experience here. Needless to say that there is no virus in that package, which Hutch always builds from scratch using official Microsoft tools.


I have yet to track down what is triggering the false positives, I have done detailed scans of both the zip file and the SFX file with Kaspersky's KVRT.EXE and it finds nothing but a number of the junky end AV scanners report entirely different trojans or viruses, some that are related to HTML documents and unexplained heuristic scanning.

I Do remember a 64 bit test piece that did nothing more than display an image, that the donkey end of AV scanners reported as a virus and there was no way to track down why, it just claimed some unknown trojan/virus name.


@hutch, sounds like a scare tactic so the authors of the crappy AV scanners can say "hey lookie what our fine product has found on your system, it shows our product features deep analysis of files and can find even hidden threats" or some such nonsense - all in the hope that users will recommend their product to others.
The general public is unaware of false positives and sometimes take drastic measures to rid their computer of these found "viruses/trojans or whatever the program determines them to be". Including 'securely' wiping their hard drive with several passes, reinstallation of the OS, etc.
The sfx masm64 install worked fine of course on windows 7 64 bit. I don't use any AV programs.
If I think my system has caught anything, I simply reformat and reinstall the OS from a backup copy.  Painless, quick and easy.  :biggrin:
If I do install useful software that I want to continue to use, I simply make a backup with that new install included.