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Radasm2 encoding question

Started by Archer-Dante, May 04, 2024, 02:45:17 AM

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Cannot find a solution, so I'm asking here...

With RadASM2, while every symbol is English, the files are saved in UTF-8 encoding; however, if only one cyrillic character appears, the entire file is saved in CP-1251.
But... UTF-8 should work with just about any character, right?

The key question is how to get RadASM to save in UTF-8 regardless.
These automated encoding changes makes me sick.
In addition, github cannot properly recognize the comments with cp1251.


My best suggestion would be to get an IDE that is still being maintained and upgraded. It is my understanding that the author 'ketilO' has basically abandoned RadAsm2 and moved on to other projects. He stops in here occasionally. Have you tried RadAsm3?

As I don't use an IDE, I cannot recommend one. I use qeditor as a code editor.
I have used Notepad++ in the past, though.


I checked with sublime, just fresh new inc file in UTF-8, while after adding any cyrillic symbol it becomes Win1251 upon save  :sad:


1st file made upon project creation then saved, it's automatically saved as UTF-8
2nd after random comment with cyrillic character, but this one auto-saved as 1251


Another IDE would be fine, but if only...
Radasm have neat project files manager and provides fast build preset for every project created.
and good color-scheme
and good syntax highlight
i think i'll pass till meet ide which is not compromise for me but just a superior  :tongue:

till then... i just wanna find solution with what i already have


Quote from: Archer-Dante on May 04, 2024, 05:11:22 PMproject files manager

I've never felt the need to have one. My main project is composed of 39 modules, but they are all in one 3MB file, 48k lines - extremely useful if you deal with global arrays or variables spread over 39 sources. I hit a button, and the library gets built. If I only changed a comma, it takes 0.7 seconds to build, if I force a complete build it's 3.7 seconds.

Being used to that, I get the creeps when people post archives with a dozen tiny sources spread all over the place :cool:


You could always try to fix that problem with RadAsm2. It was written In fact as a .rap project - meaning that it is a RadASM project... buildable from RadASM  :wink2:
The source codes are at
In the folder RadASM are the sources for version 2 point whatever. (2.??)
Not to be confused with folder RadASM30 which is different than version 2, and not compatible with version 2 from what I have read..
1 - Enter the RadASM folder first, then...
2 - At the top of the screen click "Download Snapshot" you will get only the source code for RadASM2 --- downloaded in a .zip file.
If you just click Download Snapshot on the page linked above, you will have all the projects listed ( A Huge download)

I myself would not know what needs to be changed or where. I am just providing this information in the case that you were not aware that the source code files were available.


Gonna move to MSVS i guess, despite it's much heavier
no headache so far  :rolleyes:


It might be a good idea to move this thread away from the Campus. There is a dedicated RadAsm subforum.


Quote from: jj2007 on May 05, 2024, 02:29:38 AMIn any case, it might be a good idea to move this thread away from the Campus. There is a dedicated RadAsm subforum.
I second that..  :thumbsup:


QuoteQuote from: jj2007 on May 05, 2024, 02:29:38 AM
In any case, it might be a good idea to move this thread away from the Campus. There is a dedicated RadAsm subforum.
I second that..  :thumbsup:

Consider it, ... Moved  :smiley: