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New Toy - Okidata MB451 b/w mfp LED printer

Started by shankle, June 02, 2013, 10:22:51 AM

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This one is different than a laser printer. Less moving parts and no mirrors.
Uses the OLED tech. Cost about $130. Lot better than the $200 to $400 ones.
Instructions use a lot of abbreviation that are very confusing.
Printer weighs about 50 lbs. and seems very sturdy. 
This is the start of my exit from the  "HP" fiasco and their rip off ink garbage.

A tad confused about the electric usage of this printer. I'm seeing 120Vs when
the US uses 110V. Haven't plugged it in yet as I wonder about this.
When I try so send an email to OKi, it complains that my email program is
incompatible with the Oki site, whatever that means.....


The nominal here in the US is 120 V, with an allowable variation of about 5V up or down. Mine currently is at 123.7 V.
Well Microsoft, here's another nice mess you've gotten us into.


Your printer has a very low power usage and with the LEDS, it should last a long time.

I agree with you about H.P.

Their products are inferior.

Take care,



I'm still in the learning process regarding this printer.
But I am very pleased with it so far. :biggrin:
A call to OKi support solved 99% of my problems.
I got mine from Staples for $137. Amazon still has it for about the same price BUT
you have to pay shipping. Weight about 50 lbs.
Since I bought it from Staples the price has jumped to $260+-.
Still a bargain compared to HP.
Of course it's way to early to tell about replacing the Toner cartridge
But the roller is separate and does not have to be replaced.
And it's only a Black toner cartridge.
And yes you are correct Magnum about the power usage being less.