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A simple editor for the Masm32 and Masm64 SDKs and the UAsm/JWasm WinInc package

Started by jj2007, March 08, 2024, 01:54:01 PM

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Could you elaborate on the above statement a bit more?
do you mean editor does not support all Unicode code planes like emojies/country flags/etc?


Quote from: jj2007 on March 10, 2024, 05:57:53 AMI strongly suggest you use the rtf/asc format for emojis.

The point is that a plain text RichText Unicode control can handle emojis; however, you would need to set a specific font to achieve that, and this font might not be the best for general coding.

If you use the same RichEdit control in rtf mode, it will "remember" what font you used for the emojis, not for the rest of the text. That is easier to handle; for example, another user may have set his SimpleEditor (or any other editor) to use plain Arial: no luck with your source. If you had saved it as rtf or asc, the editor on the other machine (SimpleEditor, WordPad, MS Word, ... many understand rtf) will have no problems to display the emojis.

I hope that was clear enough; let me know if not. I have abandoned plain text asm many years ago, and never regretted switching to Rich Text Format.