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Layout and matemathical integration

Started by HSE, February 21, 2016, 04:43:07 AM

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A couple of weeks ago I start to reorder a mess of files and objects. For to achive that I make a more simple application that also allow me to revise some objects in a more easy way.

From Java I miss the layouts (when programming in Java I usually hate layouts but there is no other way). In simple interfaces I think are very interesting, and with some improvement perhaps can be added to ObjAsm32. To test these and the other objects I put here the entire litlle application. I don't know if it's posible to compile in other systems (in my system is perfect but I think I have some modification in wininc), but would be valuable to know about that. There is some remarks in the help file (obviously is writed in pseudo-english  :biggrin: ).

Thanks. HSE 

                                                                                   I forget to mention that Layout implement de Sentinel Double Linked List (SDLL) that everybody love (at least Gunther, JJ and Biterider).
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You put a lot of effort in it  :t
Are you using RA or another IDE to develop your projects? If so, it would be helpful to have the rad file also.
I made some path changes in the make file to compile the project with ml.exe.
So far so good. it seems that ml doesn't like the "mm" field. I changed it to "_mm_" and now it throws an error because it doesnt know about f2f and/or the for/next macros.



Hi Biterider!

I'm using RadAsm 3.0.09c, and the project file is integ01.prra. What is the rad file?

The bigger application contains models with very long lines, and is a lot easier to modify the compiler that the code. Last year I worked with a modified JWasm13. For this proyect I used the original HJWAsm32, what requiere to change the name of ObjAsm32 ".for" macro (.for1 in my case, but I use the old Randall Hyde macro).

f2f is in macs.asm:f2f macro dest, orig
fld orig
fstp dest

Thanks. HSE
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