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DbgObject (32bit)

Started by HSE, December 25, 2018, 01:48:56 AM

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Hi Biterider!

Some clue what happen here?:

      New BeefDiet
      DbgObject eax::BeefDiet : error A2166: structure field expected
DbgOutHex(1)[]: Macro called from
  MacroLoop(7): iteration 21: Macro called from
   MacroLoop(11): iteration 2: Macro called from
    DbgObject(35)[]: Macro called from

That object only have variables (real8 and dword). No problem with more complex objects.
Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


I failed to reproduce your situation. I put a real8 var into a fresh Object definition and get

Object 00B590F0h::Object0 [Test_01.asm, 77]
- pOwner = 00000000h (POINTER from Primer)
- dErrorCode = 00000000h (DWORD from Primer)
- pErrorCaller = 00000000h (POINTER from Primer)
- MyReal8 = 3FF3BE763FF3BE76h (real8 from Object0)

Maybe it would help to see your definition.



My mistake... somewhere!

The test work perfect. Inside the application, bigger objects shows well because don't have variables real8!

Equations in Assembly: SmplMath