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dup windows terms same program

Started by shankle, June 13, 2014, 06:09:29 AM

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Please see the attachment. GoAsm question


I've read the attachment but it's still not clear what your problem is.


Not much to go on there. Did you define WIN64 to adjust the include files for a 64-bit build?


Yes I did define win64 for the 64-bit build.
I don't know how to further explain what might not be a problem.
For ex: I used WM_CREATE in one frame in the program and the same
name in another frame of the program. I was thinking maybe GoAsm
might not like the same windows name used in different frames.
As I said before this is no problem in MASM32.
But the problems I am having converting this program to a 64-bit
mode are endless. I was taking a stab at thinking GoAsm might not
like the dup names.
Thanks for helping.