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Unicode under RADasm version 3009c

Started by SHDA, February 01, 2015, 06:53:34 PM

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Is RADasm version 3009c support UNICODE of any kind or there are limitations in its code ?

Editor settings allows me to choose any of
windows 7 unicode fonts such as Tahoma etc.

But in Resource Editor even if i change Caption
to Greek even if i set Language to Greek, i can't
see Greek letters at all. Just IDD_DLG ????a?d???

Is it my problem (as newbie) or RADasm was set
just for English without no unicode future abilities
for other spoken/written foreigner languages  ?

Thank you,


this may be an old e-mail address: radasmide (at)

if so,;u=86

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he was active about a week ago


You can look in the Radasm source and your can see it support not unicode
No Apis with (W) or Procedurs support only Ascii  example strcpy or strlen

It is many work to change Radasm to support unicode