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QR code generator with Pelles C

Started by TimoVJL, November 28, 2022, 01:59:13 AM

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Using this:

different engine than this:

Just a reduced version for fun :smiley:
May the source be with you


At 12,800 bytes for the 32-bit version, that's remarkably compact, and has no dependencies. Compliments, Timo :thumbsup:


With all of this QR Code Generator fascination lately, has anyone looked into a QR code reader? Probably from an image file (.bmp, .jpg or ?) so as not to have to do any work with the camera stuff (seems would be rather complicated). Now that would surely be an interesting and probably not an easy project. (Meaning beyond my coding capability)

Whoops... I meant to post this in the QR Code thread in the Workshop...  :tongue: