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Import x64

Started by Mikl__, June 30, 2017, 12:51:32 AM

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Import x64
Article is passed through google translator
Attention! Google service incorrectly reflects white text on a black background, so it's better to look at the original article in Russian


But I thought that there will be questions ....


Nice article. I still don't read it all. But it seems like hiew.exe is precisely the software that i was talking about here:
QuoteI remember when i used the debug program (from DOS). It was very usefull for some cases, like writting whatever code (without assembler directives) and to see the opcodes and operands (of course) almost inmmediately. Counting bytes there were easier...Is there a tool like this one for 64 bits or 32 bits? Olly support this kind of feature? I mean like opening your debugger, write a command like -a to start writing assembly instructions. Then save this and then see the opcodes with operands in each line, along with the assembly instructions. I know you can produce an assembly listing with opcodes, but that involves writting a program with at least some directives, etc. I'm not trying to be lazy  :biggrin:  , i'm just having an appetite for some utility like this. If anybody knows one, please let me know.  :idea:
I think may be useful to look this kind of things in a fast way.  :idea:

Too bad it's not freeware.  :(


QuoteToo bad it's not freeware.  :(
Hi, felipe!
hiew32 is not very expensive. The author also needs money.


 :biggrin: Yes i agreed with that. Maybe i will be able to go for internet shopping in the future.