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Student in technikal college

Started by Puhlo91, August 14, 2018, 06:14:07 PM

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Hello I'm a student in a technical college.
I have a struggle with  architecture  in asm86.
In which segment  do I write what ports to use and in which direction?


Try posting your code but keep in mind we will not do your homework for you.


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Hi, K_F!
Thank you for perfectly matched material! (



Quote from: Puhlo91 on August 16, 2018, 12:51:24 AMI meant when interfacing 8255 with 8086.

You probably came here to get help for a problem. Nobody will be enthusiastic to help you if you are too lazy to write a few sentences describing your problem. And your post ("wich segment   do I whrite what ports to use and in witch direction") shows that you are not using Google translate. Maybe you should try that...


QuoteI meant when interfacing 8255 with 8086.

Can you post a part of code or a link to your project? This way it will be much easier to guide you!

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Hi, yongrichards!
You are trying to reanimate the topic that was created 2 years ago (August 2018) and to which the topic starter no longer returned, he no longer has needed it  just. This is called "necrophilia" -- "love for corpses"