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MASM64 Beta Version 2

Started by hutch--, May 11, 2022, 12:29:56 AM

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This is the second version of the masm64 SDK. As before, it is not a turnkey SDK.

I don't have permission to distribute Microsoft binaries so to use this SDK, you will have to download the community edition of Visual Studio build tools.

This is a link to the community edition of build tools

There is a file list in the bin64 directory if you don't already have the Microsoft binaries. If you already have them, just copy over the existing ones you have.

This is very close to a release version. It has a new editor as well as QE which is a full 64 bit version. It is called "teditor.exe" and has been intentionally written to look and work like QE. It is both faster and has a far larger capacity and in the case where I may need to modify it or add bits to it, its a modern 64 bit architecture of the type that I am currently writing so its straight forward enough to maintain.

You will need to supply or get hold of WIN32.hlp and there is a menu option to help you set it up. A download link for the Intel manuals on the help menu which is very useful for finding instructions.

Also note that the old help file WIN32.HLP is not included as the version I have is 24 megabytes in size. If you have a copy or know where to get one, put it in the "help" directory as it is already installed on the help menu and F1 will work with it.

You run this SFX file from the root directory of the partition you want to install the SDK on. What you must end up with is a directory straight off the root directory called "masm64". If you move the installation to any other location on the partition, it will NOT WORK. If you already have an installation of the SDK on the partition, slightly rename it as this SFX is not designed to overwrite an existing installation.

The EXE is a self extractor made with Winrar.

Feedback would be useful, I don't need design information but if anything is broken, it will help to make a later release version better.


Fixing the first stuffup.

While I have been testing the new editor, I have been running it by starting it first then opening files. When I set it up to start from Winfile or Explorer, it would open the file but leave the titlebar as "Untitled". I has simply forgotten to copy the file name from the load thread to the display titlebar. The double name buffers is so the title bar can be used as tooltips.

    rcall szCopy,pFile,ptitle
    invoke SetWindowText,hWnd,ptitle

Problem solved.  :biggrin:


Next errata.

The plugin DLL to toggle block comment was also taking out right hand side comment characters and generating errors for side comments.


Simply overwrite "blockc.dll" with the new version in the "Plugin64" directory.


This should have been in the last beta, it will be in the next. A minimal size "notepad" style editor, search and replace, drag and drop and FAST !


This is an addition to the rtf help. Very easy to install, just unzip the zip file and copy the rtf file into the RtfHelp directory. The rtf help file documents console procedures and macros.


New help file for file IO.

Same as above, unzip this file and put the "rtf" file into the "RtfHelp" directory. It will then display when the rtf help is selected. (General MASM64 reference) on the help menu.


If a long file name file was dropped onto the icon on the desktop, it displayed a "File Not Found" error. I had forgotten to remove the double quotes and the EM_STREAMIN algo did not accept the name with the extra quotes. Seems to work OK now.  :biggrin:


I have posted an updated version in the first post in this topic. It has some extra equates in the file, the CodeEdit project in the examples. Make sure you run this SFX file from the root directory of the partition you are installing the SDK on.