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GoLink size limit

Started by chipchuck, December 15, 2017, 11:10:08 AM

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When my .exe reaches X64 Size: 17,920
access is denied.

Its great for keeping the program small, but I'd rather not.

Surely this isn't a real limit, but what do I do?


That's pretty odd indeed. Can you delete the exe manually? Do you see it in task manager, and can you kill it?


I have had to delete .exe in task manager, but not this time.

Sometimes Windows butts in with: cannot run app on this pc.

Shrinking program size always cures it.


GoLink has upper limits nowhere near that small value, so something else is going wrong.

Are you using the latest versions of the GoTools? Using GoAsm too, or just GoLink with OBJ files from another assembler/compiler? Once shrunk and cured, what do you trying adding that throws it off around that size, just data?


I'm using GoAsm and the latest GoLink. No OBJ files.

After shrinking I add more code till I again hit the limit. Then move more (obsolete?) code to an archive file.

This is a longstanding problem for which I haven't been able to find a solution.


GoLink is not the problem.

When program size reaches 17,920, Avast antivirus detects Evo-gen and sequesters the .exe file. Presumably Windows defender does the same, without a message.

The workaround is simple: increase program size 512 bytes above 18,432. Avast no longer triggers and the program runs normally.

Thanks to Wayne for his help.


There is a dedicated sub-forum for your problem; these guys should be thrown in quarantine for some months, so that they learn how to avoid false positives in their s**tware ;)

No option to exclude specific folders such as \Masm32 from scanning?