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Another 32 inch monitor

Started by hutch--, March 09, 2023, 09:16:13 PM

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Some time ago I bought a new Samsung 1920 x 1080 monitor and while it worked well and gave a very clean image, it had a particularly irksome characteristic  of trying to do more than act as the display for a computer. If it would boot straight up without going into loops of configuring it for WIFI and a number of other things, it added about an extra minute before it actually booted into Win10 64 pro and you had to use a remote to start it.

I swapped it out with another computer that I was not using as much but it was still a pain every time I started it. I gave up and bought another one from a company here in OZ called Kogan. Assembled the stand and plugged it in and it starts fast and produces a very clean crisp display for both stills and video. It cost about $60 AUD less as well.

Looks like my Apache server will be getting a 32 inch Samsung monitor real soon.  :biggrin: