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Started by Farabi, June 17, 2012, 01:29:37 AM

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Function 0x00000006:
Function 0x6 provides us with some information on Power Management and Temperature Control. Again, these are perating System features, and we won't bother with them much here.

Can I also control the Fan too? Or I just check the bit, see the temperature, and then wait for a big process to prevent shutdown because of overheat?
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usually items like fan control and temperature checking are motherboard specific and not particularly related to operating system code.


Thanks. At least I know what I should do.
My 3D Game Engine Demo.

Contact me at Whatsapp: 6283818314165


you might be able to read the temperature
but even that requires access to the MSR's, which usually means a KMD


If you need information about Power Management and Temperature Control, can often find this type of data through WMI.
For example,...CIM_CoolingDevice Class
Here is a complete list of WMI classes available: Common Information Model (CIM) Classes
EDGAR posted a WMI example on the old MASM Forum.