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New library tool for building libraries from many different locations.

Started by hutch--, February 06, 2015, 07:24:24 AM

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Whereas the first tool, BLIB is a general purpose "spanner" to explode, combine or list library modules, this new tool BLDLIB is designed to manage building libraries when you have code parked all over the place. It is a dialog based UI where you select the source directory that contains your compiled SLL modules and a target directory where you want to library to be built. It has a multi-select list box where you select or unselect the modules you want in the new library and a text box to name the new library.

Once you have the source, target and file name you select the "Build Library" button and the selected SLL modules are built into a library at the location you have selected. It will report a duplicate error and every build produces a log file in the directory where BLDLIB is installed.