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Handling bitmaps

Started by Vortex, May 29, 2018, 04:29:54 AM

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Sorry felipe. My apologies. I could not understand the image you posted. What are those symbols? Everything is fine. Sorry again.


Quote from: Vortex on May 30, 2018, 03:05:53 AM
Thanks for the feedback.....
New upload at the top.

You're the man,  Vortex.    :t. Thank you very much, your correction is exactly what I had in mind.

I'll check it out.  when I get home


Quote from: zedd151

I'll check it out.  when I get home

yup, it works very well now.   :bgrin:

attached jpg reduced in size 50%. The full bmp is perfect in every respect.


Oh i see Vortex, it's just i didn't wanted to show my desktop (is a mess, you don't want to see it  :redface:), so i did a snapshot of a stupid program that i did before (not trying to promete it, really... :idea:). Yes this app is real fantastic, it not only make snapshots of the desktop, it can do snapshots of running apps (as zedd151 show us too)!  :greenclp:


Quote from: felipe on May 30, 2018, 10:32:20 AM.... Yes this app is real fantastic, it not only make snapshots of the desktop, it can do snapshots of running apps...

Yes, it is perfect now.  H e knew exactly the fixes I was talking about.   :t

Quote from: felipeof a stupid program that i did

Nothing is stupid if you gained experience from it. And besides it was one of the catalysts for hutch opening the Game Development forum


@ Vortex.

I made an sfx (self-extracting) executable for your screen capture tool. Now a shortcut for it can be placed on the taskbar. (That is how I use it)

The sfx executable contains your original program and a batch file to run it. The resulting .bmp is placed on the %userprofile%\Desktop.

To use:

Click on the 'VortexScrCap.exe' file and it unzips in your Temp folder, runs the batch file which in turn runs your program to make a screen capture. After the screen capture is done, it automatically deletes the files from the Temp folder. - and places the resulting .bmp on the current users Desktop.   8)

And thans again, this is a very handy tool.


Hi zedd,

Thanks but the tool didn't save the captured image in my system. Could I propose some small modifications?

SaveDesktop.exe "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\capture.bmp"

The double quotes should solve the problems in Windows XP. For example :

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop


QuoteC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop

What OS are you runnin? xp?

I only Have Windows 7 and WIndows 10 here. I made the sfx so I could have an easy shortcut on my taskbar. I have no way of testing it on older systems

I could post another with the double quotes lemme see...

Okay here it is, try this one...


Hi zedd,

Yes, my operating system is XP but no worries. I can try your SFX archive on Windows 7. Here is another version of my application rebuilt as Windows GUI application. No any annoying console window.


Doesn't work for me. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1   :(

I even tried running it from a batch file as in the previous version...

Nope, I take that back it runs from the batch file as the previous. I overlooked specifying the output file name.  ::)

No GUI though. Did you post the right version? I'm looking at your source code right now...


Must be a mistake on your part...

    lea     rsi,buffer
    invoke  ParseCmdLine,rsi
    cmp     rax,2
    jnb     @f
    invoke  StdOut,ADDR message  <--- not Window GUI.



Here is how I am testing :

H:\coding\savedesktop\savedesktop.exe H:\coding\savedesktop\desktop.bmp

The application is built as GUI but it has no any graphical interface like a dialog box. An easy trick :

Changed from :

\masm32\bin\polink /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE /LARGEADDRESSAWARE /ENTRY:start SaveDesktop.obj ParseCmdLine.obj


\masm32\bin\polink /SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /LARGEADDRESSAWARE /ENTRY:start SaveDesktop.obj ParseCmdLine.obj

This method avoids the flashing console screen.


Hi zedd,

invoke  StdOut,ADDR message  <--- not Window GUI.

You can omit that line. It has no any meaning for the version without console.


Duh! WHen you said GUI, I was expecting a window.   :redface:

So it is still a console 'type' program that still needs the CommandLine arg...  Now I got it. I know I didn't see CreateWindow anywhere,
I thouhgt you posted the wrong version inadvertantly. You just removed the console window from the mix.

So then it works as advertised.   :t


I just tried using the new version in an sfx archive. It captures not the command window from your program but now the command window from the batch file.  :(   I think I like the 'b' version better.