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DebugCenter Upgrade to Version 2.2.0

Started by Biterider, September 19, 2022, 02:33:59 AM

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I added some management commands to the debug macros to better control the behavior of DebugCenter, now version 2.2.0.
I also added an automatic background color adjustment and a new color model that switches the predefined colors according to the debugee "high contrast" configuration and the debug device.
The new management macros are: 

  • DbgFlashWnd
  • DbgFlashMenu
  • DbgTileHor, DbgTileVer
  • DbgCascade
  • DbgArrange
  • DbgZoomIn, DbgZoomInTxt, DbgZoomInBmp
  • DbgZoomOut, DbgZoomOutTxt, DbgZoomOutBmp
  • DbgPinWnd
  • DbgFrontWnd, DbgFront, DbgFrontTxt, DbgFrontBmp
and the background color customization macros are:

  • DbgBkgnd, DbgBkgndTxt, DbgBkgndBmp

Due to some internal changes, previous applications using the older macros will need to be recompiled.
Since the purpose is to debug an application, this shouldn't be a big deal.  :rolleyes:



Last minute addition to Version 2.2: DbgCloseWnd.
Add this command at the end of your code to close Debug Center when the debugee exits.