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Use your profile signature to show us your software

Started by hutch--, May 19, 2012, 03:20:05 AM

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We have many members in this forum who write very good code but often its not easy to find but the forum software has the capacity for each member to put their own URL in the 'Signature' so that other members can link to their own site to see what they have to offer.
Obviously, You need to have an account on a server somewhere to post a URL.

At its simplest it looks much like this so its easy enough to do and it means that more people can see your code and programs.

Standard BBcode 'tags' can be used, as:
[url][/url]to produce:

or to utilize a Descriptive text (as the 'link'):
[url=]The MASM32 SDK[/url]to produce:

Apart from just the Signature area, this New version of the SMF Software, also has 'Fields' for:
Website title
This must be included if you specify a URL below.
Website URL
This must be a complete URL.
Which will create a small Blue WWW World logo to appear under your Profile Image in your posts etc.

About all we ask is that the basic forum rules are respected, only legal content and NO blatant commercial advertising. The URL is for members OWN code, NOT some Corporation.