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Question about calling conventions

Started by Abdel Hamid, January 23, 2019, 03:16:46 AM

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Abdel Hamid

thank you so much for the support , but am still a newbie and i guess this is advanced for me  :icon_redface:
anyways , am still following iczelion tutorials , i'll get back to this topic and read what you've mentioned carefully then i'll apply it as soon as i feel comfortable using assembler language  :t


While you are learning, stick to the known calling conventions. You can emulate a version of FASTCALL using EAX, ECX & EDX but it can only be done with algorithms that you write yourself, it cannot be used with API calls. The vast majority are prototyped as STDCALL with C only used by a couple of API calls. If you use any MSVCRT functions, they are done in C calling convention.

Abdel Hamid

hello Mr.Hutch ,
thank you for the informations  :t