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Use of register to make a console windows .exe program

Started by g6g6, May 29, 2014, 06:44:48 AM

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 Hello, I am really new with assembly and GoAsm. So, I have some basic dound : I want make a console program that runs in a 32 bits windows machine with .EXE extension that print "hello word" without call a windows API.
Is there a way?
Sorry the errors.



i don't think you can do much of anything in Win32 without using the API's



well, i can display a string "Access Denied" without directly calling an API   :lol:
(or whatever the text is)

_main   PROC

    xor     edx,edx
    mov     [edx],edx      ;look ma, no API !!!

_main   ENDP

    END     _main