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error says no code

Started by shankle, June 05, 2014, 09:21:36 PM

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Running windows 7 pro and the program code is there.
Using Notepad++ as an editor. Could this editor cause the problem?

What does the attached file error code mean??
Please help.


does your source code open a data section, code section ?

or whatever the GoAsm syntax is


Yes Dave.

Wonder what has happened to WJR?


Check the output format of the editor. You can get this error if it is using just LF (UNIX) instead of CR+LF (Windows).

Also, if you are doing 64-bit coding, there are more recent versions of GoAsm and GoLink which fixed a few problems.


Thank you WJR for replying.
Yes I just recently lost my CF/LF settings - have not been able to get them back.
The LF(UNIX) that you mentioned is also probably messed up and I really don't
know how to fix it. Will have to dig seriously into notepad++.

Will  update GoAsm and Gokink.