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GoAsm 0.61 update

Started by wjr, April 04, 2016, 01:50:49 PM

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GoAsm – version has the following changes:

  • added support for SSE4.1 instructions
  • added support for SSE4.2 instructions
  • added support for SSE4A instructions
  • modified /ms command line switch for 32-bit use only (disabled if used with /x64)
  • fixed /ms switch symbol decoration for case of Label: with FRAME on next line
  • fixed problems with FCMOVNAE MASKMOVDQU PUNPCKLWD instructions being unknown
  • fixed relocation type IMAGE_REL_AMD64_ADDR64 found in 64-bit static library
  • fixed relocation type IMAGE_REL_AMD64_ADDR32NB found in 64-bit static library
  • fixed problem with .pdata and .xdata in 64-bit LIB files being placed into CONST section
  • fixed problem with Jcc > when used with hint.branch or hint.nobranch
  • fixed problem with swapped prefix bytes for hint.branch and hint.nobranch

GoAsm – version now available here with the following change:

  • Fixed problem with operand encoding for bl and dl when used with sil, dil, bpl, or spl.


Busy spell, I didn't get to everything on the to-do list, but a good breakpoint for an update.

I noticed that for 64-bit static LIB files with a CONST section, for now, the source file will require a CONST section in order to work properly (otherwise the LIB CONST data ends up in the .pdata or .xdata section).

Also, the PINSRB PINSRD PEXTRD instructions shouldn't assemble with a 64-bit register, but they do, still looking into that...



Great job on the update!. Keep it up.
Will test around with using x64 static LIB files into a project.
Will report back to you.



Just did a quick test with BEAEngine x64 STATIC LIB which caused a crash when using the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE switch with Golink.

With the switch set for Golink all is working perfectly fine now. 

Great work on the fix!!



Plugged in 0.61.  All is well!  :t


A minor update (but important if you want to use bl or dl with sil, dil, bpl, or spl).