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not caught by compiler

Started by shankle, July 15, 2013, 10:01:52 PM

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WJR might or might not want to add something to catch this.....
I coded this in error - invoke SetFilePointer, [hFile], [NULL],[NULL],File_Begin
GoAsm did not flag it as an error. Had to find it the hard way....
Obviously should be - invoke SetFilePointer, [hFile],NULL,NULL,File_Begin
Thought you might want to know


Hi Shankle,

Doesn't "NULL" just translate to a "zero" when compiling?  I would think that GoAsm was just following your instruction to invoke with two params containing the contents of address $0000000, and that it's not a bug at all, but just a crashed program?

Part of the joy of assembly... :biggrin: