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Donkey´s AES encryption algorithm (Rijndael)

Started by ragdog, February 15, 2014, 11:17:46 PM

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I found on Donkey´s site a lib for AES encryption algorithm (Rijndael)
Can any post a example ho i can use it for a text encryption?

And ehy gives not any examples about Rijndael (AES) is this to buggy?



call Rijndael_Init
invoke Rijndael_SetEncryptKey,offset szKey
invoke Rijndael_Encrypt,offset EncOutBuffer,offset TestText

invoke Rijndael_SetDecryptKey,offset szKey
invoke Rijndael_Decrypt,offset TxtOutBuffer,offset EncOutBuffer

invoke ExitProcess,0


The attachment contains a MASM version of the source, along with some minimal test code using one of the test vectors from a link on the Wikipedia page (see CBCKeySbox256.rsp). I intended to do a more thorough test against the Windows cryptographic service provider, but I did not have time to do so.

Well Microsoft, here's another nice mess you've gotten us into.



thank you for the source. Interesting use of XLAT.  :t

You have to know the facts before you can distort them.


I have try to find an example about AES with Windows crypto API
But Without good results.

And this from Donkey´s Goasm source is original written  from WiteG