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link switches

Started by shankle, January 02, 2016, 08:27:27 AM

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Two things,
There are no spaces between switches in GoASm.
There are spaces between switches in GoLink - why the difference.

In using the "files" switch in GoLink it doesn't seem to work
or there are no files to show?
Please explain "use Command files(s) eg. golink @command.fil and
/or the command line".


A change made in GoLink v1.0.0.0 allowed - or / in non-quoted filenames which required spaces between switches (you can use spacing between switches with GoAsm).

For GoLink /files you should get at least one (or two) showing for the obj (and res) file, but if you don't actually import any functions from a possible list of dll files on the command line, then yes, that would be it.

A GoLink command file can be more convenient if you are dealing with many switches, obj files, and/or dll files on the command line. Instead of horizontally on the command line, these can be placed more vertically on separate lines in a text file with the possibility of comments, or commenting out a line, with a semi-colon as usual.