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Has anyone played with very large memory mapped files in Win7 64 bit ?

Started by hutch--, December 28, 2012, 01:42:38 AM

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I am playing with a 32 bit architecture to run on Win7 64 bit that allocates a number of very large memory mapped files. The reference material I can access for memory mapped files shows them being able to allocate more memory that can be addressed in 32 bit mode by using a high DWORD and a low DWORD which is 64 bit addressing range.

Has anyone played with reading and writing memory mapped files of 4 gig and over under Win7 64 bit in 32 bit mode ? I have already tested multiple applications where each allocates the function limit of 2 gig and it works OK, what I am testing is how you can use extra memory in 32 bit mode by running multiple apps with each allocating memory or each accessing a very large memory mapped file.


It may be worth noting that you can move the window on a memory-mapped file, so you don't have to start from offset 0. In that way, each process can access a section of the huge file in manageable chunks, without eating all available memory.

Unless you're just looking to utilize as much memory as possible, but each process will be allocated its own separate 2GB anyway (the only difference will be that much of this will stay in physically memory, rather than being paged out.)