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Can not assemble RadASM addins

Started by WillASM, April 10, 2023, 01:12:21 PM

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Your latest INC file does actually differ from the one in the RadASM download under Masm\Projects\Addins\Addins for the MAKE structure with the 128 byte members moving up to 256 bytes, which accounts for the difference in the offset for szMruFiles.

So there was a difference between the INC and H files. If in addins.h you change the "make" member from "DB 768*32 DUP" to "DB 1408*32 DUP" then you should be good to Go.


Awsome! That solved it. The version I have is actually more complete with several missing menu ID definitions, but the make entry in addindata was not updated to match the increased make structure. Nice catch. I guess I have been staring too long at it to spot the size difference..

I can now say with confidence that I have the most up to date radasm header files for both masm and goasm. I have tested it and I can access all the members beyond the make item now.

Huge thanks for tracking that down, William.