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GoAsm and Crimson and Exam Diff

Started by shankle, February 07, 2013, 03:15:03 AM

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     Got the problem temporarily solved by going in as an administrator.
     Have no idea what was wrong or if I have the latest version of GoAsm.

     Weird things happening with GoAsm and Crimson Editor(svn286m).
     Running Windoz 8 Pro. (got it real cheap otherwise it's a nono).
     Scanned the computer with ESET Smart Security. No viruses.

     I make a change in GoAsm in Crimson editor and compiled the program.
     Then looked at it in Exam Diff with the same program I have in MASM32.
     The change is not showing as made in Exam Diff.
     Checked to see if I had more than one version of the program and
     no there is only one. 
     The change however shows as made in Crimson Editor.

     As a side the Windows 8 defragger is showing GoAsm as 43% fragmented.
     BUT you can not defragg GoAsm with the Windows 8 defragger. Have to
     use Piriforms defragger to do that. Then Windows 8 defragger still
     shows a 43% fragmentation. puzzling.
     Suggestion sure would be appreciated.