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About Hla 64 bit!

Started by Louardi, June 12, 2012, 08:32:28 PM

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I m looking for Hla x64, is it Available any where?


Quote from: Louardi on June 12, 2012, 08:32:28 PMI m looking for Hla x64, is it Available any where?
Randy Hyde has not released a 64 bit version of HLA yet.

You can always email him(, and check if a release is anticipated.

Regards,  P1   8)


As I understand it there is no plan for the immediate future.

The 32 bit version still runs on Windows.
Don't know about Macs.
On BSD and Unix you need to make sure to set the compiler/linker for 32 bit emulation.
But any 64 bit processor should run 32 bit programs if you build it right.
(ecspecially AMD's)

An updated version would be good, it would be easier if there was 64 bit support.
I also don't know about Win8, MS has been pushing HTML/Javascript for their new Tiles crap for applications.
Everybody wants you to use "protected code" these days, I don't know what is happening with Assembly or other low level languages.


It would help of packages or port would easily build for current versions of xBSD and Linux.



I think you will find that Randy Hyde no longer updates his HLA project but from memory both the archived JWASM and the far newer UASM are capable of producing Unix format code so you may have some success there.