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Started by jorgon, June 18, 2012, 04:39:07 AM

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Here you will find links to tutorials, articles and sample code for the Go Tools including the GoAsm assembler, published by GoAsm users. If you would like to add anything please send directly to me (Jeremy Gordon) at

Third party Tutorials and GoAsm sample code

There are several excellent guides to assembler programming and windows programming on the internet, but if these are based on source code for other assemblers or for "C", they can be confusing for the beginner who wants to use the "Go" tools.  For this reason I only list here tutorials and sample code specifically written for the "Go" tools. 

Wayne J. Radburn's assembler page
Wayne was the first to publish assembler and windows skeleton code and all his examples are now in GoAsm syntax but with a MASM flavour.  Here you can get:

  • Bare Bones skeleton - a simple window with a menu and help/about dialog box.
  • In the Flesh - adds a view window, removeable toolbar, and status bar. It has additional file menu commands which open and close a memory mapped file.
  • Alive and Kicking - uses a split window, a treeview and view windows and a window for selecting a font.  It also uses the registry to save settings.
  • See also Wayne's xlatHinc which converts a Windows "h" file to an "inc" file for use with the "Go" tools.

Donkey's stable
Edgar Hansen has written a lot of sample code for GoAsm for example:-

  • WinExplorer: a Windows Explorer, which makes extensive use of the GUI and COM.
  • Help2 Viewer: a HTML Help 2 viewer using WebBrowser2 MFC using ATL.
  • An AES encryption algorithm (Rijndael).
  • Use of ODBC to create a utility to examine JET databases.
  • IContextMenu, which is an implementation of the IContextMenu shell extension (a COM server application).
  • A simple registry browser to view the registry.
  • GoAsm version of "Using CODECs to Compress Wave Audio".
  • Extracting information from a 32/64 bit PE file and display in a dialog.
  • Listing the import and export directories from a 32 bit PE file.
  • Using DeviceIoControl to get information from a fixed disk drive.
  • How to use a tracking scroll bar.
  • Font menu (custom drawn menu demo).
  • How to draw text on a bitmap button.
  • Listview control with clipboard functionality and sorting.
  • Animated icons in a toolbar control.
  • How to use a toolbar with menus example.
  • How to use a vertical toolbar menu.
  • How to extract version information from an application.
  • How to draw ownerdraw buttons.
  • How to draw ownerdraw combo box.
  • Dialog with a custom caption.
  • How to overlay icons over other icons.
  • How to put hyperlinks in a dialog or a window.
  • Graceful exit with exception handling.
  • How to implement a drag listbox.
  • How to add colours and icons to a status bar.
  • How to store an icon file directly in your data or const section and load the icons it contains by index.
  • How to calculate the speed your CPU is running at.
  • How to extract information from a desktop listview, and check for a NT compatible version of Windows using the FS override.

Vortex has kindly provided this sample code:-

  • Simple dialog box created using a resource file
  • How to use INCBIN directly to import a dialog template made using res2bin into GoAsm source
  • How to use INCBIN directly to import a dialog template from a res file into GoAsm source

AsmGges Assembleur Compilateur 32 bits page
Gges has a page in French with full source code for various projects:-

  • Several "starter" projects including showing simple message box, windows, text, and for using keyboard, mouse, cursor, menus and buttons.
  • Examples of using treeview and listview controls.
  • Using icons, bitmaps and animated graphics.
  • Ownerdraw.
  • Examples of using edit, combobox, updown and progress bar controls.
  • Examples of trackbar and toolbar controls.
  • Examples of using the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and also an MP3 player.
  • Mousehook.
  • Time date and calendar display.
  • Snake game - great fun when you get bored!  Demonstrates random graphics effects and playing sounds.
  • Example using DirectX in assembler (45KB).
See AsmGges website for an up to date list.

"GoDevTool Memento" by Patrick Ruiz - useful aide-memoire for the "Go" tools as a help file.