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help files in GoBug

Started by shankle, August 08, 2012, 08:12:42 PM

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The help files in GoAsm.chm work fine.
I ran Hhupd.
The help files in GoBug using Microsofthtmlhelp does not work.
I get a window saying "Navigation to webpage was cancelled".
In the left panel, if I clicking on anything does not change the right
Same with Testbug.chm
Running Windows 7.


Right-click GoBug.chm and click Properties.  Click "UnBlock".


Thanks Satpro. That did it.

I guess this code is correct to set up for the debugger.
Do I need /Zi /Zd in the GoAsm line?
I know I haven't read the help files yet.

Set INCLUDE=g:\codejps
Set PATH=g:\codejps
GoAsm /b/c tprt32.asm
GoLink /unused /debug COFF tprt32.obj


I'm not familiar with the the /Zi or /Zd options.

Going back to "Unblock"--generally any time you get some document in .chm format from the web you will need to do that step before it will display properly.  Probably Windows security because it's html.

/debug coff will put symbols into your .exe for use by GoBug.  I have the paid version of GoBug, which from what I understand, is the required version for any OS newer than Win 95/98.  My version of GoBug will choke unless you open as administrator (or set it up that way in properties).

/l (the letter ell) in the GoAsm command line will give you a listing that can be opened in Notepad.


Hi Satpro,
The /Zi, /Zd are either Ollydebug parms or MASM32 parms. 
My problem is I can't remember what happened last week, let alone 6 months
from now when I will need to unblock. To much to remember.
I am the admistrator on this computer but I never run with it.
So far GoBug seems to work without being in it or I am in it and
don't realize it.
Boy do I have a hill to climb with GoAsm.