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Focus( I think)

Started by shankle, April 20, 2017, 03:25:23 AM

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        Thank for any help
        Stats: Windows 7 pro 64 bit, UEFI, GPT, GoAsm 64-bit,
   updates are disabled, ESET SMART SECURITY,
   programming windows 95 by Charles Petzold.

        I think I am having a focus problem.
   This involves two programs. Program A, I have NO control
   over. Program B, I have 100% control over.
   Program A needs to stay active as I need to enter it many
   times rapidly. I want to transfer a small portion of the
        screen of Program A to Program B and execute it and go back
        to Program A and repeat the process.
       Yes I can do that with MiniTool and Snippng Tool but they are
       to slow for the activity I need to perform. Killing the focus
       for Program A to get to Program B is not the answer in my opinion.
       A place I could read about it would be appreciated. I don't think
      Petzold covers it.

      Might a metafile be used to get data from Program A????
      I would be using Program B to get the data from Program A.