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WM_PAINT results in a test of the program and GoBug

Started by shankle, August 24, 2012, 09:53:31 PM

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When I run a test of the program I get the 1st page on the screen fine.
Then I get a useless windows message: "tprt32.exe has stopped working".

This is what I see in GoBug at the same point:
  call EndPaint(user32.dll)
  mov esp,ebp   pop esi   pop edi   pop ebx   pop ebp   ret10   
  Then GoBug goes to 7601c4e4 CALL [ebp+8]

In GoBug
If I click on "RUN TO" and click on message WM_DESTROY, the program hangs in
Winmain.Startloop after the Call to GetMessageA(user32.dll). The exception
is C0000005h at 401145h thread=1cch
Code at 401145h is  cmp D[eax],0