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compiling an old program

Started by shankle, July 03, 2017, 05:57:27 AM

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I need to make changes to some old programs.
In the computer there is already a ".asm" and a ".exe" file.
If I compile the program it fails with the following message:
"the system could not make the output file <hhhhh.exe>.
Only solution for me is to delete the existing ".exe" file,
then everything works.
Just curious......


Maybe it's a matter of permissions or perhaps the files are read only. Try to change to another folder, preferably to a different drive where the OS is.


Thank you for replying Caballero.
I purposely keep everything that is not Vindows on a separate drive.
If Vindows fails then my data is safe.
Maybe you are correct and this is causing the problem.