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64-bit debugger?

Started by garyhess, October 06, 2012, 06:58:19 PM

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I've been using GoAsm for three months now and really enjoy it. I bought GoBug about two months ago and it is a tremendous tool for writing programs. However, it only works with Win32. I've been thinking of venturing into Win64 but without a debugger that's seems foolhardy.

Any prospects for a 64-bit version of GoBug? Or what alternatives exist?



Not sure but it may be interesting to try the 64-bit version of Pelles development suit's debugger :


Thanks! I have started using the above, and it is certainly more enjoyable than WinDbg.

Being a GoBug user from its beta days, I would like to see and prefer using a 64-bit version. However, the prospects of that happening are obviously not up to me - well, sort of...

I believe this would require completion of some outstanding 64-bit exception handling components for GoAsm, and that is what I am currently working on. Although this has been slow due to busy periods, I recently finished under the hood FRAME / USEDATA processing adjustments to make way for pdata, which is done, and I am now immersed into xdata...