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advice on what hardware to aim for program to work on?

Started by daydreamer, April 29, 2020, 03:56:24 AM

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Well I don't think cpu speed/ min instructions set supported is any problem
But not best resolution on laptop screen (1366x768)
Or combination of 1920x1080 screen size,but not sure it work well enough with not highend cpu /gdi+ lib flickerfree /lagfree animation, so use lower screen size works well
But no need to go to very low res
Have done some tests move around with keydown message in scrolling gdi graphics, also tested with redraw at mousemove message, too much flicker

Dualthreaded solution as alternative version for multicores?

Fun thing I found out:using bat file that + source file that echoed lots of text data and finally ran exe without cls,. Exe got few kb smaller, compared to print same lots of text to console

my none asm creations
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Like SIMD coding


Start your batch file with the line,

    @echo off