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I have a problem with Visual c 2010 an masm

Started by Valentino, June 18, 2018, 12:57:01 AM

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Hola. Les queria comentar el error que tengo, cuando activo y configuro para que el proyecto funcione con masm no me toma la directiva mov ax, @data y no entiendo por que todo lo demas dise estar bien, que puedo hacer?

QuoteHello. I wanted to tell you about the error I have, when I activate and configure so that the project works with masm, it does not take the mov ax directive, @data and I do not understand why everything else is designed to be fine, what can I do?


You need to use google translator and post in english first. Second you should post a complete source, then you will increase your chances to get help to your issue.  :idea:


Bienvenidos a masm32 forum.

felipe es corecto, necesito comunicacion en ingles aqui. Por que mas "members" ayudar.

I think that was correct.  :P  didn't know a close approximation for "members"  :P

Welcome to the masm32 forum, felipe is correct it is necessary to post in English here so more members might be able to assist you.