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Image Toy application.

Started by hutch--, May 03, 2020, 02:44:56 PM

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Attached is a mini application that will open most of the common types of image files and display them in the client area. It has the option of saving the image as either a normal RGB bitmap or a JPG file with variable levels of quality. It is also a test piece for a minimalist fast interface that uses the new link button as a pseudo menu bar. It has an About box that can be closed with any of the following, Enter key, ESC key, space bar, left button mouse click and the normal close button on the title bar. The code is about 14k but it uses 2 64 pixel icons which makes the executable just under 50k.

You will need to have the 1st of May update installed and working correctly to build it.

When I get around to it I will add image scaling with StretchBlt() with the halftone setting unless I can find a better way to do it.