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ObjAsm C.2

Started by Biterider, December 24, 2022, 09:06:31 PM

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It gives me great pleasure to announce a new version of ObjAsm - C.2. Just finished in time to call it the "Christmas release".
The goals of this version were:

  • Add new projects
  • Test new functionality
  • Modernize the tool chain
  • Add new documentation
  • Update the include files of new C/C++ header files
This major version can be installed using a web installer that can be downloaded from the ObjAsm homepage. The installer is considered dangerous by some scanners. However, it only downloads the selected sections and extracts them to the selected target path. Additionally, some environment variables are set.
On request I can provide the source code of the NSIS installer.

Homepage link:
Download link:

Many thanks for the work of all contributors and especially to HSE for all the testing he did  :eusa_clap:
As always, constructive comments are very welcome.

Explore, discover and enjoy the new projects.
Have a lot of fun programming in assembler!  :cool:



Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


I see on GitHub you have a RadAsm version

May I ask what's the difference between this and the Radasm Version that I have ?  :thumbsup:
It looks like you have started Radasm from version on your side. :icon_idea:
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'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'


Hi K_F
I've been using RadAsm for many years now and it is, afaik, the latest version from KetilO.
On Github, mrfearless provides a fork of the original RadASM with version

RadAsm version 3.x is a complete rewrite of version 2.x, which was supposed to be more powerful but was never quite finished

I have never programmed anything based on KetilO's code base, since the IDE covers pretty much everything. Many years ago I programmed an AddIn for ObjAsm, but that was all.  :rolleyes:



Ah! Ok thanks.

Thought maybe your version had different numbers and might be a more advanced version.
I am coming across many bugs (not show stopping) in the version I have.
'Sire, Sire!... the peasants are Revolting !!!'
'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'


Hi Val!

I maked some Little modificacions to RadASM30

From time to time, I play with some "feature", but the concept is that version 3 is an unfinished piece for ever :biggrin:

There are version 2 improvements, but still don't make that version better than version 3, I think.
Equations in Assembly: SmplMath


'Sire, Sire!... the peasants are Revolting !!!'
'Yes, they are.. aren't they....'