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Started by shankle, August 02, 2020, 08:34:50 AM

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Stats: Windows 10 pro 64 bit, GoAsm

Read through all the GoAsm documentation and could
not find any reference to windows.h or include
or #include.
I am new to windows 10 and came from windows 7.
My programs worked there.
I assumed that windows.h, SDK would be taken care of
by the addition of Windows 10.
I have never updated an SDK or the header files.
I feel that this is why a program that I am working
will not compile.
Thanks for any help.


Hi shankle,

You could try Donkey's header file set :

Download the latest version of the GoAsm Headers


Many thanks Vortex.
Got The headers files up to date now.
The ECGO was blocked by Google Chrome - ECGO is dangerous so Chrome has blocked it.
How can I get around that?


You would not necessarily need ECGO if you already have the GoTools, or get them individually from Jeremy's website. 

Most likely correct on no reference to windows.h, but the GoAsm help file "Alphabetical Index" does have something under "#include...".


Hi shankle,

QuoteThe ECGO was blocked by Google Chrome - ECGO is dangerous so Chrome has blocked it.

That must be a false positive.


Hi shankle,

I do not know why Google Chrome blocks ECGO since it is absolutely clean. Try to download it with Firefox.
EC coder


Hello shankle,

You can use wget to download files from command-line :



No problem here:

include \masm32\MasmBasic\
  Open "O", #1, ""
  Print #1:LastFileSize, FileRead$("")
  .if Exist("")
ShEx ""
MsgBox 0, "Download failed", "Hi", MB_OK

Extract the exe to a folder and run it.


Downloading files with VBS :


Thanks for responding guys.
I tried jj2007s example and it gave another warning message.

Microsoft defender smart screen flagged getecgo.exe as an unrecognized app.


M$ defender recognises only "apps" that bring money to M$. But you should be able to ignore defender, usually by clicking "more info" or whatever.

My exe cannot give a warning message. It can only show a MsgBox 0, "Download failed", "Hi", MB_OK - if that happens, it is most probably your firewall blocking downloads in general, or this application in particular. Check your firewall settings, maybe you granted download permission only to your browser.

See for details.

Or, even better:
QuoteYou are signing with a Standard Code Signing Certificate and you need to sign with an Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate. With EV we skip the bridging trust part and get straight to trusting the author or corporation behind your executable. Last time I remember, the cost was over 400 usd.


Thanks Guys,
I temporarily turned off windows defender then ECGO worked.
Lord what a hassle.........
Now to test these changes with my program.


I am trying to install the latest SDK.
I downloaded this file from a Microsoft sight to
a file on my computer.
AS far as I can tell it downloaded successfully

Here is the error message I get when I try to execute
one of the files near the beginning of the execution of
Windows performance toolkit.
Download did not complete successfully.
An error occurred while downloading Windows performance

error information.
unable to verify the integrity of download content - it might
be corrupted.

One would think a download from Microsoft would not be corrupt.
I think it has something to do with the way I processed the ISO file.


Hi shankle,

Quoteunable to verify the integrity of download content - it might
be corrupted.

Do you have the correct md5 value of the iso file?


7zip (Winzip) can read an iso file and put it in a directory.It's a thing to try.
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