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Before posting your questions...

Started by zedd151, September 08, 2023, 05:16:56 AM

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Hello fellow members,

It would be very helpful if you would include the code that you are having trouble with, along with your question(s). While it might seem obvious to you what and where the problem is, it is not obvious to everyone, without an example of the code that you are having difficulty with.

There are a number of helpful members here, that are eager to assist you, but cannot help you if you do not help us to do that, by posting your code. A detailed explanation of the issues would also be helpful. (exact wording of any error messages, explanation of the erroneous results, whether the program crashes, or fails to assemble or link, etc.)

Full source code (ready to be assembled and linked) is preferred, and indeed recommended.
If there are other files that are needed, to assemble and link the source code, please put them into a zip archive including the source code,  and attach it to your post. Also a batch file to assemble and link, or the command line switches used, will be helpful as well.

General assembly related questions are also welcome, that are not related to any specific code:azn: 

Thank you.  :smiley:
Regards, zedd...