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Re: Happy Easter!
« Reply #30 on: April 25, 2022, 09:59:18 PM »
Hi Jose,

Just for you.
Inside A White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine

BBC Newsnight
The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine's government - Newsnight

You support these bastards ?
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José Roca

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Re: Happy Easter!
« Reply #31 on: April 25, 2022, 10:05:48 PM »
I already have stated that I don't support Nazis. I support Ukrainians that are being butchered by order of Putin.


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Re: Happy Easter!
« Reply #32 on: April 25, 2022, 10:24:11 PM »
BBC Newsnight
The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine's government - Newsnight

YouTube and the BBC should learn to put fullstops when a phrase is finished :cool:

the protesters are back but in place of
ordinary citizens now they're battle
hardened fighters they're the same
slogans as last year Ukraine above all
else glory glory glory but in the mouths
of the right sector' they take on a more
sinister aspect well there can be few
more poignant the pictures of how
unfinished Ukraine's revolution is than
this site all of these people bearing
the banners of the far-right group these
people who helped overthrow Ukraine's
pro-russian president a year and a half
ago and they've been telling me
the banner of the right sector' harks
back to a ukrainian nationalist movement
from the 1940s they say the colors
represent the blood of Ukrainians spilt
upon their country's black soil their
critics call them fascists and neo-nazis
we all love our country if you if we
love our country we are now necess
or not I think not so I mean that we are
nationalists revolution wasn't finished
that's why the guy the people who don't
love Ukraine came to control Ukraine for
me it's not normal
on a summer afternoon in the park in
Kiev it's easy to forget all that's
happened here in the past 18 months
the Revolution which is known here as
Maidan overthrew the government and then
set this country hurtling towards war
just as it did during my dan the right
sector has played a key role in the
fighting in the east its members are
more motivated than Ukraine's
conscripted Regular Army and the
government relies on them to bolster
their strength now they're flexing their
muscles in recent weeks the right sector
has been involved in firefights
with Ukrainian security forces in the
west of the country hundreds of miles
from the front line these clashes in
on the border with the European Union
were about control of lucrative
smuggling routes but it was also a show
of force a signal from a strong militia
to a weak government don't cross us
the right sectors armed battalion has
its base here in the woods near the
frontline here they take volunteers and
train them for battle the fighters come
from varied walks of life few have much
military experience most of these guys
don't really know what they're doing
this blokes a farmer from Western
Ukraine and that's a grenade launcher
he's got
the platoon commander is a 19 year old
art student he talks about fighting
enemies both external and internal he
and his men say the Ukrainian president
is a traitor for signing the Minsk peace
accord which call for negotiations over
the status of the breakaway region then
a snifter whenever brother moves to me
no more than unity Atocha been there a
Sabra was the Bulova status led anezka
we hope to pool maradona latosha bizarre
a stem is Diwali sir
babul chemistry make is sticky do
mention sorry both new initiative in
coastal violin
yeah DiMaggio's chasm with the
threatened maidan winter buddha it's a
measure of how confident the right
sector is that it's fighters talk openly
about an armed insurrection against
their own government they dismiss
accusations that they're neo-nazis
they're nationalists they say working on
the principle that their enemy's enemy
is their friend this guy's from Russia
here at KU this ratio theorem it's
better from from the city of Turin
approach a machine where White's
problem sector Jesus or Buddha Russia
Sammis night new jessica's right new
just George Smith received here at
so you just said death to the Russian
Federation well you can see the reaction
the base is located on an old Soviet era
pioneer camp where once children were
taught how to be good communists now men
and women in combat fatigues are
plotting to finish a revolution that
began with the collapse of the Soviet
Union a quarter of a century ago so Top
Ramen was not with the green sky
javanese I recently a normal never a
Pisgah yeah what Yana premier a nurse or
actress Lea to reduce our official
service console upon new Toshio young
Scalia where you purchase of common
kaduche the bhagavad-gita yanacocha
subhana allah preserve cable no they say
most of their weapons are either
recovered from the battlefields or
donated by volunteers they'll not bring
them to the rally in Kiev the commander
told me they don't need to reasonably I
was now sure there's a nice trail
linking Iran or stop boys it's just
brewing it co x this machine yesterday a
lot more about inside the Principia most
popular but you're not a god mean if I
get the right sector says it's fighting
forces between two and three thousand
strong they converged on Kiev yesterday
for an emergency summit some fresh from
the front others from the political wing
of the party which was more than a
precaution at absolute anemia cordless
ENIAC Nazis knew he should shoot
national beers
little is called marine you Nazis the we
pro soccer teams witness recently
ebusiness Kazami Ashutosh certain are -
Rania which Kazan was recently at a
closed meeting in a building on the edge
of Independence Square the delegates
adopted a resolution calling for a
national vote of no confidence on
president poroshenko their leader Dmytro
yarosh was keen to dispel consent but he
was trying to overthrow the government
by force inequity worship what you
worship worship the vaginas a true when
not there something says the general who
do or say the robber is La Paz little or
no actual cranes corner abouna by a hero
we hope of the channels of the day later
after their summit they all trooped down
to Independence Square the Maidan the
place where revolutions are made the
right sector took less than 2% in
parliamentary elections last year but
their popularity is growing and not just
among hardcore supporters listen to
these two middle-aged ladies ordinary
residents of care his minion in the
press pool yet neolutionist on movies
and we go to see Boris kurutsu Monique
tutoring is emissions an emo at mes tiny
no privacy at the capital Nova bullsháá
Nika vu to move base teachers
rewarded igloo shaken by revolutions
exhausted by a war that shows no signs
of abating the ukrainian state is weak
against this backdrop a radical right
party with a well-armed military wing is
gaining strength history suggests that
is a dangerous combination


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Re: Happy Easter!
« Reply #33 on: April 25, 2022, 10:28:07 PM »
> I already have stated that I don't support Nazis. I support Ukrainians that are being butchered by order of Putin.

You seem to be confused here, ordinary Ukrainians are not the target of Russia, the nazis and fascists are. This is of course why Zelinsky is ordering his army to fight to the death. You back what Zelinsky is doing, you are backing his nazi buddies.

I posted those links for you, good American MSM and English BBC.
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Re: Happy Easter!
« Reply #34 on: April 25, 2022, 10:31:18 PM »
First, of course, I love Russia and love Russian people, and I want them to be able to beat the globalism that they are throwing at it.

What I meant to say is that the world has been built by steel and fire. Especially for our Eastern European friends who seem to hate Russia so much, if we hold on to the past and build the future on hate and rancor, nothing good can come of it. I repeat the centuries of history of struggles between the peoples of the current EU.

Russia, since the fall of the USSR, has always been tried to be isolated, which is a mistake for Europe. It would be nice if we gave it a chance.

In one way, I can understand the point of view of the Ukrainians, they have come out of a dictatorial communist regime, and under no circumstances do they want to return to it. But they have the problem that a large part of their population are pro-Russian or speak Russian, so they have made an effort to strengthen the Ukrainian language and ban Russian, and they are trying to massacre the pro-Russian in Donbass. They want to get rid of all the Russian burden so they can get rid of their influence. But, of course, it's not right that you want to slaughter a part of your own population, right? Does the West not know this? Of course they know, but they are more interested in bending Russia, why?

In this video, Oleksandr, professor of Ukrainian literature at Lyopolis, says that the war in Ukraine is going to be long because they have a lot of Russians to kill:
The logic of the error is hidden among the most unexpected lines of the program