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Recreational spending, a 14 core E5-2697v3 Xeon


Apart from writing more code, the supply chain delays have been slowly driving me NUTZ and as I am waiting on a new can that may end up here early in June, I still have a complete computer parked in bits all over my work table with a 12 core Xeon in it. Earlier this year I warmed over my old monster with a Xeon E5-2697v3 and 64 gig of memory and its a ton of fun, pleasant enough to use for general purpose computing but really has the hoot with multi-thread code and you can thrash the guts out of it for hours with it running at about 50c.

The new one, waiting for the can is A Huananzhi x99 board that is identical to the first one I built which is now my Apache server. This allowed me to retire a Linux box and an even older XP box. I had a 2400 dpi flatbed scanner and a digital microscope plugged into the XP that I have shifted to the old monster and I have enough disk storage not to need the very old Linux box so the older box I now have running is a warmed over 6 year old box.

Sooner or later I will have to build a modern faster box but the longer I wait, the faster they will get so I am in no hurry to leave the x99 CPUs behind. The retired XP box is one I built years ago but almost never got used as I built a 64 bit box shortly after to run Win7 64. Its like new and had no junk in it.

It arrived today, just in time to plonk into the board. New can turned up yesterday and while its a pain to configure, looks OK and I can probably put enough bits into it. The price is falling out of Xeon's from China, this one was $100 cheaper than the last E5-2697v3 and the one I already have running is a genuine monster running all 14 cores.


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