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Ancient hardware inherited today


A friend up the street chucked out a couple of boxes of computer bits today so I asked him what was in it. Ended up getting 3 Seagate external drives, 2 x 2tb and a 1tb, tested them and they all work and have very low hours on them, close enough to new. Also got a half gig SATA SSD which formatted OK and it runs at a mind blowing 110 meg/sec.


all in all, it was a good catch. I would also like to be so lucky one day.

Hi Gunther,

Its a mixed bad, the 2tb disks are an old type, only about 120 meg/sec, the 1tb disk is a bit later and faster, about 150 meg/sec and the SSD is about 110 meg/sec while a modern SATA SSD is about 550 meg/sec. Done OK on cables, I have plenty and only use new ones in an important box but got a decent collection of a type that is hard to get, mainly used with some internal USB hardware.

This is mainly distraction, I am waiting on a new can so I can finish a computer strewn all over a table in bits which will probably be the last X99 box I build. I have been able to retire 2 much older boxes, an i7 860 from about 2008 and an earlier XP box that I built in about 2006 that I hardly ever used as I replaced it with a Win7 64 box.

These supply chain delays nearly drive me nuts, until the covid crap started, you could just go and buy a pile of bits, screw them all together and you got a working box in a couple of days. With this one I am building, the board took 6 weeks from China, I had to wait about the same for an internal USB3 expansion board and the new can won't be in OZ until early June.

older and slower speed,does that mean they only need USB2.0 speed?


On old storage, USB2 is probably OK but if it mattered you would do a disk speed test on both USB2 and USB3.


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