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This is the new box, a 14 core Xeon

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All things happen if you wait long enough. Supply chain makes you grow old, brand new Gigabyte power supply would not power up, the extra internal USB add in card did not work, the can took an extra month to arrive and it was a horrible can to build a computer in, apparently aimed at gamers, not work stations.

None the less its quick, slick, fast and performs well. As far as I can tell, I won't have to build another computer for some time.  :biggrin: :thumbsup: :eusa_clap:  :tongue:

Very nice video, Steve.  :thumbsup:

Is that your voice?


No, I am too lazy to do the narrative, have to mess around with a microphone, do multiple takes and work from a script, text to speech is way easier and with practice, you can make it sound OK.

Nice rig, hutch.  :thumbsup:

Hopefully opossums don't like water-cooling tubes.  :biggrin:


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